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finished with 14 saves.I think we play better on defense, Italy capt

Blizzards newest game, Overwatch, officially launched last month and had seven million players within a week of release. Chris Owings Jersey . Whats more, this is a game that went the traditional sales route rather than the increasingly common free-to-play one, meaning that all those players plopped down a minimum of $40 to play.Even before launch, there were a healthy number of professional Overwatch tournaments, populated by some of the biggest teams in esports. With Overwatchs audience growing and Blizzards focus on increasing the competitiveness of the game -- as evidenced by the games just-released Competitive Mode -- theres an opportunity for Overwatch to flourish as an esport. Any spectator sport, whether its hitting a ball with a large stick or dispensing an animated fighter with a Shoryuken, quickly develops its own internal strategies and trends as players become more experienced and the sport more refined. In gaming, we refer to this as the meta, an endlessly evolving state that forms the backbone of tactics employed in the game.We finish our introduction to the heroes and their competitive roles with the four five support heroes. Rarely flashy and even more rarely the subject of kill streak highlight reels on YouTube, the support heroes, and more accurately, the healers, are indispensable from high-level competition to your average pickup game.MercyThe most straight-up healer, Mercy is an absolute staple in every game mode now that were starting to see rules against Lúcio stacking in some maps. Situations where a team wont run a Mercy are few-and-far-between, limited mostly to last-ditch Hail Mary pushes where a player goes all-aggressive attack or the very rare King of the Hill situation in which youve gone with only a single Lúcio as the healer.While Mercy is a fairly straightforward character, it would be a mistake to think of her as a low-skill character. What makes a good Mercy competitor isnt reflexes or amazing aim, but situational and positional awareness. Not getting killed while focusing on preventing your teammates from not getting killed requires well-honed instincts about when to cut bait in a situation.A Mercy also shines when she has a well-coordinated team, which top teams tend to be. Shes not a mass healer in the way Lúcio is, and you get the most out of her when damage is spread to as few of your teammates as possible. In a pickup game with strangers, Lúcio is arguably better, but in competitive games, Mercys near-100 percent usage rate is for very good reason.Best maps: Uh...OverwatchLúcioAnd here we have the other main healer. While Mercy thrives in organization, Lúcio excels in chaos. Lúcio cant burst-heal an individual to the same degree that Mercy can (his ultimate, Sound Barrier, can probably be best described as burst-invulnerability), but he can keep most -- or all -- of his team well-maintained in a brutal firefight.Lúcio is a regular pick as the second healer in most situations, but King of the Hill maps tend to show off his wide-ranging skills the most. With a better ability to defend himself from flankers in this non-linear map mode and the Soundwaves for a measure of crowd control, its here that Lúcio provides something that Mercy really cant.And Soundwaving a player off the map to their death is pretty cool, too.Best maps: All the King of the HillsZenyattaNo hero saw his role fall further in the closed beta than Zenyatta. A hybrid offense/defense character, Zenyattas Orbs of Harmony and Discord were versatile, allowing a roaming flanker to get healed far away from Zenyatta and a Discorded enemy to have a persistent debuff until Zenyatta or they died. Given this flexibility, Zenyatta was a staple of competitive play in the early beta. Blizzard attempted to deal with this by increasing the number of abilities that could remove the Discord orb.In the end, Zenyatta got the full brunt of the nerf hammer, making it so that both orbs were removed if a player was out of the line of his sight for three seconds. Or to put it bluntly, Blizzard added a hard counter to Zenyatta: a wall.This reduced Zenyattas utility to the point that hes essentially fallen out of favor in competitive games.There may be some hope for Zenyatta, though. Blizzard increased his survivability by bumping his base shields, increased the projectile speed of the orbs, and increased both his movement speed and his healing power in his Transcendence ultimate. Will this be enough to get Zenyatta back into the meta? Not holding my breath, but there will hopefully be some experimentation.Best map: None right nowSymmetraIn pub games, Symmetra has a few interesting roles. Against less-experienced players, excellent turret placement can be annoying and her Photon Projector goes through shields and can destroy Torbj?rn turrets and inattentive Bastions.In competitive games, Symmetra has exactly one role: early in payload maps on defense, building a teleporter to help the team with the long travel distances. Without a quick teleporter, an attacker early in a payload map has a de facto numerical edge because the time required for the attacker to get back into the fight after a respawn is much less than that of a defender. Symmetra neutralizes this once she gets her teleporter up, buying the team valuable time.Best maps: Dorado, Hollywood, Route 66, Kings RowAnaIts far too early to tell exactly how Ana, Overwatchs first post-launch hero, will fare in competitive play. She was just officially released on Tuesday, after all. So we have to make some educated guesses.Whats interesting about Ana is her versatility. She can do long-range damage as well as long-range healing, her Biotic Grenade acts as a form of indirect crowd control in that it hampers an enemy healer from healing their team for a few seconds. The Sleep Dart can situationally hamper an opponent, so long as a teammate doesnt wake them up with damage. I expect Ana to be a lot of fun to play in Quickplay and the built-in competitive mode.At high levels? The outlook is foggier. With only six players on a team, theres an emphasis on picking heroes based on their strongest attribute in order to cause exploitable mismatches. A team is not likely to run three healers and her skillset means shes not as strong at healing individual targets as Mercy or as strong at healing mass targets as Lúcio.So for her to displace one of the healers, what she does outside of straight-up healing has to be extremely powerful. Pre-nerf Zenyattas persistent orbs were extremely powerful, so he saw play. Is being like Widowmaker with a sniper rifle and short-term enemy debuffs enough? Im not so sure, but I hope Im wrong as it would be nice to see the Mercy/Lúcio stranglehold be released a bit, creating more dynamic team composition decisions.Best maps: TBA Yasmany Tomas Diamondbacks Jersey . -- Adam Snyder returned to the San Francisco 49ers this season because the offensive lineman thought it was his best opportunity to win a championship. Chris Owings Diamondbacks Jersey . The 28-year-old from Calgary matched his career best after missing just one shot in his two rounds of shooting in the mens 10-kilometre sprint competition. Smith finished in 23 minutes 15. .Y. -- Leading 3-0 with only 11:25 left, the Colorado Avalanche committed a seemingly meaningless penalty to give the New York Islanders a power play. RIO DE JANEIRO -- The U.S. womens water polo team pushed around Brazil for most of Monday afternoon. Led by Ashleigh Johnsons six saves, the Americans carried a shutout into the fourth quarter.Coach Adam Krikorian loved most of the game. It was the last part that annoyed him a bit.Maggie Steffens, Kiley Neushul, Makenzie Fischer and Kaleigh Gilchrist scored two goals apiece to help the U.S. to a big lead in a 13-3 victory, but Brazil scored the final three goals in the fourth.Not happy with how we played in the fourth quarter, Krikorian said. I know its a tough position to be in in some ways. But I thought we relaxed.The United States showed off its depth with nine different scorers. Melissa Seidemann got her first goal in Rio de Janeiro.We dont know who is going to be the one who scores the goals in the game, Fischer said, and (you) just have to be ready to step up and take your shot.Next up for the world champions is Hungary, which went to penalty shots against Australia before emerging with a 13-11 win. Russia, a surprise 12-10 winner against Spain, takes on Italy in the second semifinal match on Wednesday at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium.The U.S. led 10-0 after three, and Sami Hill replaced Johnson in net for the fourth. Brazils late run delighted another supportive crowd.I cant say enough about the Brazilian fans, though. I mean theyre awesome, Krikorian said. These were some of the best fans Ive ever seen.The U.S. stretched its win streak to 20 games, including four victories in Rio by a combined score of 47-16. The London gold medalists beat Hungary 11-5 on Saturday after sweeping a three-game series against the country earlier this year, but Hungary is brimming with confidence after reaching the semifinals for the third straight Olympics.Everybodys beatable, Hungary center back Orsolya Takacs said.Hungary trailed Australia 5-3 at halftimme, and Orsolya Kaso replaced Edina Gangl in goal at the start of the second half. Custom Arizona Diamondbacks Jersey. After captain Bronwen Knox made it 8-6 Australia with 5:53 remaining, Barbara Bujka and Dora Antal responded for Hungary.We got our defense together for the second half of the match when we changed our goalkeeper, Hungarys Ildiko Toth said through a translator. We had left Edina alone for too much of the match, so we needed to swap things around and be stronger without the ball.Knox threw one off the cage on her penalty shot, leaving the door open. Dora Czigany and Antal then converted their attempts, closing it out for Hungary.Australia had made it to the semifinals in the previous four Olympics, including the first gold medal for womens water polo in 2000. It beat Hungary in the bronze-medal match in each of the last two games, going to penalty shots in 2008 and overtime in London four years later.It comes down to a few millimeters here and there, a few opportunities that they ended up putting away and they got back into the game, Australias Rowie Webster said, and then as soon as you get into penalties its anyones game from there.Russia rebounded nicely from Saturdays 10-5 loss to Italy. Ekaterina Prokofyeva scored four times and Elvina Karimova had a big goal in the fourth period of Russias second victory in Rio.Italy advanced with a 12-7 win against China in the last quarterfinal match. Roberta Bianconi led the way with three goals and Giulia Gorlero finished with 14 saves.I think we play better on defense, Italy captain Tania di Mario said. I think that to take Russia and all the other teams left we have to play better even on defense. 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